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Amazon Echo Wi-Fi setup

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Amazon Echo Wi-Fi Setup

If you are confronting error while setting up the virtual assistant Echo Alexa then you need to first check the system requirement. If the minimum requirement is fulfilled then it is best to contact Echo Alexa Customer Service Number where the experts will be available 24x7 to troubleshoot the problem faced by you.

Are you unable to do the Amazon echo Wi-Fi setup? Then you are at the perfect location to get the steps. It is just a work of a couple of minutes and you will not need any assistance if you at least know the connectivity basics. Just ensure there is high-speed internet and while unboxing your echo, check all the accessories are provided. But in case you are in hurry then you must not waste your time in setup, instead just reach out to *Echo Alexa support number* which stays accessible 24 hours of the day. You can consult with the team of trained technicians who have vast knowledge about all the echo devices.

Steps to do the Echo Wi-Fi setup – Step 1: Plug in your Echo using the power cable that came along with it. When you will turn it on, a blue light will start spinning. Once the light turns on orange, this will show that the speaker is in setup mode and Alexa will welcome you to the Echo.

Step 2: Download the Alexa App from ios or Android Play or App store or from the browser too.

Step 3: Now sign in with your Amazon account email and password

Step 4: If the setup does not start then you need to go to settings and select setup a new device

Step 5: Select your language and choose which device you are trying to set up from the list.

Step 6: Connect the app to your Echo and connect the device to your Wi-Fi network. Click on connect to Wi-Fi on the begin echo screen.

Step 7: Close the app, open settings and go to Wi-Fi. If the phone has recognized your Echo device then you will see the network name, it can take up a while to appear

Step 8: Once connected, enter your Wi-Fi password when asked to join the network

This was the easy guide to do the setup. In case if you have any other problems or confusions then it is highly advised to get in touch with *Echo Alexa contact number* where the technical professionals will guide you through the setup procedure.

Source Url: Echo Alexa helpline number

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